Robi Launch:

The event: The first ever 24-hour show in Bangladesh that brought together top artists from all genres from all corners of Bangladesh, another first.

The TVC: A grand dawn for people from all walks of life. A series of television commercials.

Pre-launch TVCs

The song: One of the most popular brand them songs in Bangladesh, sung by the top musicians for different versions.

Download: Arnob version, Mumtaz version, Hridoy Khan version

The font: A whole new font, another pioneering brand exercise in Bangladesh.


Aktel VAS:

VAS billboards

Aktel 10 Aktel 8 Aktel 36 Aktel 36 Aktel 35 Aktel 34

Robi VAS Campaign:


VAS logos

Robi 7 Voice-Chat Robi 8 Radio Robi 10 Phone-Backup